Party Bus Game Ideas for Birthday Parties

Party Bus for a Birthday Party

A birthday is a very special occasion and demands a memorable venue, something a little different from the norm. A party bus for the celebration is a fabulous idea which people will love and remember for the rest of their lives.The are many free birthday games ideas for those people who are just looking for something to entertain the people attending their party bus birthday parties.Below are a few options to keep the people attending amused.

Question Those Balloons

In game you need to fill up lots of balloons. This game is like your basic game but with funny consequences if the player does not get the answer right. This game consists of two piles of balloons. Pile one will contain only balloons with strips paper with questions on them. Pile two contains balloons with strips of paper with funny instructions on them. As you are blowing up the balloons you slide a strip of paper into them and tie them shut. Dont forget which balloons contain which strips of paper. To make this process easy you might want to color-code your balloons, like green for question balloons and red for instruction balloons.

Players take turns popping a question balloon and trying to answer the question on the inside correctly. If they answers the question correctly then they pass and can sit back down. If they answers incorrectly then they must pop one of the instruction balloons and do what it says. For example you could have instructions like “stand on one foot”

Pass the Present

In this game you need several small gift items, boxes and wrapping paper. Take each item and wrap it in its own box. Make sure to put several layers of wrapping paper on each box. To vary the game a little you can have a different number of layers of wrapping paper on each of the different gifts.When the game starts have the people sit in a circle and hand out the gifts, but don’t let them open them yet. You start up music and the people must pass the presents they are holding to the person next to them. When you stop the music they stop passing presents and each person takes a layer of wrapping paper off of the present they are holding. This continues until the last layer is taken off and the person holding the opened present gets to have the gift inside.

Musical Chairs

Create a row of chairs inside the bus. There should be one fewer chairs than there are children. Start playing music and have the children walk around the chairs as the music plays. When the music stops playing, all the children must try to sit down upon a chair. The child who is unable to secure a chair, shall be out of the game. Remove one chair every round and repeat this process until there are just two children left. The one who is able to sit down upon the final chair when the music stops, shall be the winner. You can mix this game with various actions such as singing.


When the music plays everyone dances. When the music stops, it’s time to freeze. Anyone caught moving when the music isn’t playing shall be out of the game. The winner will ultimately be the last person who remains in the game.

Balloon Booty

Prior to the party put some wrapped candy into some balloons and then fill the balloons with air. Then take another batch of balloons and fill them up halfway with water. Mix up all the balloons, place them into a fishing net, and hang off a stick. When it is time to play the game, line the kids up. The first child steps up, is blindfolded, and spun around. Then give the person a make-shift spear to stab at the balloons. When one is popped, that person will get either a little shower or a balloon that has candy. Game will continue until everyone has had a turn.

These games will help add some fun to your next party bus birthday party and certainly will keep the people attending occupied.  Hold your next birthday on a party bus and you will have a memorable experience.  If you are in NYC then please give us a call to set that up for you!  We serve all 5 boroughs including Staten Island!