The Best Foods to Bring on a Party Bus

In terms of popularity, party buses are on the rise and it’s for a good reason. In one way or another, party buses are perfect transportation solutions for office parties, family reunions, birthdays, weddings, bachelor/bachelorettes parties as well as many other events.

What are the best foods to bring on a party bus? Here is guideline on the best foods that you may need on a party bus

1. Jerky Lover’s Jerky

If you like something that’s hot, sweet and spicy then this is the perfect choice. It’s a perfect treat for sporting events, camping, family outings as well as hiking trips

2. Oat Applesauce Muffins

These heart muffins are perfect for road trips. They will literary fill you up with flavors and fibers instead of fats

3. Chocolate Energy Bars

If you make a comparison between energy bar and similar fruit or nut bars, you will find out that chocolate bars taste better. Apart from that, they are nutritionally superior and above all, they are quite cheaper to prepare at home

4. Spicy and Sweet Nuts

These ones are perfect for kids. You can make them using a few raw nuts. These nuts are so sweet and very addictive when they are coated. They are perfect for festivities and parties

5. Herbed Chicken Nuggets

These chickens are baked and not fried. Their nutty flavor is derived from wheat germ. They are quite enjoyable and tasty. A family will basically enjoy a road trip and have the chicken nuggets for lunch

6. Spinach Balls

When spinach is combined using stuffing mix eggs, butter, parmesan cheese a well as other savory spices the end product is awesome. The mixture that forms into balls is eventually baked. Spinach balls are extremely delicious

7. Spinach Brownies

Spinach and mozzarella cheese get baked together producing appetizer treats that are mouthwatering. Preparing them is quite easy

8. Easy Granola Bars

They are very tasty and sweet. Packing them for long road trips, camping trips and hikes is quite easy

9. Taco in Bags

The flavorful taco is a perfect snack to carry while on transit. Block parties and picnics are great venues where you can enjoy your tacos

10. Chip Chicken Lollipops

These are backed chicken that are accompanied by chips; they are eaten using sticks. They are great recipes for kid parties. It’s important to let kids take them first because adults find them delicious as well otherwise the little ones will find them finished

11. Tortilla Roll-ups

The roll-ups are very sweet; both kids and adults find them enjoyable. They are cheesy and creamy; they are extremely easy to make. It’s advisable to prepare them in advance

12. Great Garlic Knots

They are quick and quite easy to make. These knots are herb-seasoned breads that can do quite well just like any other meal. The tasty knots can also be eaten as snacks in-between meals. They can be tastier when slathered with any other spread. Using fresh rosemary can make these knots fragrant

13. Cheese Straws

If you want to make your bus trips during holidays memorable, you can make this tasty snack by combining cheddar cheese together with butter, salt and flour. The dough gets rolled out and is then cut into strips. It is finally backed until it gets crispy. It’s advisable to use mild or sharp cheddar

14. Pinwheel Italian Calzones

The moment you try these small calzones, you will never see the need of using larger ones. These types of calzones come together in snaps. They also give you an opportunity to sneak in some veggies into the kid’s diet. The best thing about them is that they are very small making them quite easy for tiny hands to pick them up and eat; they also taste like pizza

15. Gourmet Pretzel Rods

These ones are chewy and crunchy. They are also salty and sweet apart from having a chocolate touch; they are the ultimate snacks. You can get the caramels and peanuts in the bulky food section of a grocery store. They are fun and easy to make

16. Cinnamon Snack Mix

You can toss together these crunchy, delicious and cute mixes during a bus ride. They are very yummy. You may need to make several batches

17. Baked Walnuts

These candy walnuts are very easy to make if you need quick snacks that you intend to use on a road trip. Walnuts can be coated using butter, sugar or eggs

18. Kids Party Mix

This type of snack is a mixture of chocolate spices that are candy coated raisins, cheddar cheese crackers and pretzel sticks. Kids find them enjoyable

19. Tasty Maple Trail-Mix

You can prepare your own granola that you will take while on your trip. This snack can be packed using cranberries, pecans as well as chocolate covered peanuts.

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