The Best Drinks for a Party Bus Trip

A good rest in a bar or party bus is impossible without strong drinks and cocktails, having drunk which, it is impossible to sit still. In a party bass, you need to have fun and dance, because you obviously don’t spend every day on partying with friends on a bus.

But what kind of drinks you need to bring on a bus party? In general, all club drinks and cocktails are suitable for a bus party. In this article, we will tell you about 7 best drinks for a party bus trip.

1. Mojito

On the first place, we have a mint-menthol, lime-refreshing cocktail “Mojito”. It’s really a club cocktail, popular all over the world, and it’s also great for a bus party.

The history of this mix began on the Cuban islands. It was there where was invented the taste of rum with lime and mint. Don’t be embarrassed that many people consider this drink feminine. “Mojito” is great both for men and women. Old man Hemingway as well loved this drink.

This ice cocktail is prepared in a couple of steps: several leaves of a fresh mint and a half of lime are thrown into the ovule. Sprinkle it all with sugar cane and rub until a mushy mass. Further, a shredded ice is poured into the glass, a pile of white rum is poured and a soda is added. The drink is ready. It is a very beautiful, tasty and refreshing club cocktail.

2. Vodka

The second most popular beverage that is suitable for a party bus is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Russia and Europe. In many clubs, vodka is the most popular drink.

But vodka rarely is served just like that. Usually, vodka mixed with something. So one day a barman mixed vodka with an energy drink. And in the world appeared a popular cocktail. It is very simple to prepare, but very tasty, invigorating and fresh. Mixing of alcohol and energy leads to rapid intoxication, although the energetic drink produces a tonic effect on a body.

3. Screwdriver

On the third place is situated Screwdriver. This is one of the oldest, but always relevant l drinks. Ingredients of this mix are known to any teenager – 70% of orange juice and 30% of vodka. But everyone chooses a juice, which he likes. There is nothing more to say about it because it is quite famous and popular.

4. Beer

The fourth place of our list was taken not by a cocktail, but by a simple and world-famous drink. It’s beer. Beer is pleasant to the taste. It is inexpensive, slightly hoppy and refreshing, almost ideal holiday drink. But its excessive consumption is fraught with aftereffect – an active necessity to go to the toilet.

5. Green Mexican

On the fifth place is “Green Mexican”. This is a short cocktail, which is customary to drink in one gulp. This striped miracle is pleasant not only to drink but also to contemplate. A green color of the drink is gradually replaced by yellow, and it later turns into transparent. Preparing a cocktail is very simple: at the bottom of a small glass pour a liqueur from a green banana, then as much lemon juice and tequila. On top of the glass is placed a slice of an orange. It is very easy to drink, the taste is sweet. You can drink a lot of such shots during an evening.

6. Long Island Ice Tea

Another favorite cocktail of fans of the party bus is called Long Island Ice Tea. According to the legend, it was invented by bartenders in the New York district of Long Island, tired of visitors wandering around the bars. After such a cocktail, you cannot go anywhere else, even if you want. The whole secret in its ingredients is vodka, rum, gin, Cointreau liqueur, and tequila. It fills with lemon juice and Coca-Cola.

7. Pina colada

On a seventh place is Pina colada. Girls simply love this drink, adoring its taste. A sweetish creamy cocktail does not leave indifferent any lady. But its most positive side – the main component of it is rum, but with sweet liqueur and cream, not everyone can fill it. So your girl will get drunk slowly, but surely.

To make Pina colada you need white rum, coconut cream, creme de Coconut liqueur, and pineapple juice. All the ingredients must be mixed quickly in a shaker and poured into a tall glass.

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